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Kuuma Marine Grill Pivoting Rod Holder Grill Mount

Kuuma Marine Grill Pivoting Rod Holder Grill Mount

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The Kuuma Pivoting Rod Holder Mount fits securely into any 1 5/8-inch ID, flush mount fishing rod holder and instantly converts it to a fully adjustable grill mount. The stainless inner tube telescopes out of the anodized aluminum outer tube making the overall height adjustable from 14.8-inches to 18.8-inches. The mounting plate is compatible with all Kuuma and Olympian brand grills, as well as most rectangle-style Magma grills (Magma and Kuuma grill mounting hardware included). The mounting plate swivels around a ball joint, making it freely adjustable to whichever angle best suits your grilling needs. Both the telescoping tube and swiveling mounting plate feature a tension clamp, keeping the Rod Holder Mount securely locked in the position you choose.

  • Fits into 1 5/8-inch ID fishing rod holders of all angles to create a level grill mount
  • Mounting plate pivots and rotates 360-degrees around ball joint for easy adjustment
  • Stainless steel inner tube telescopes out 4-inches
  • Tension clamps securely lock the pivoting and telescoping joints
  • Rugged reinforced nylon, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel construction
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