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Kuuma Premium Cooler Divider - 50 Quart

Kuuma Premium Cooler Divider - 50 Quart

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The Kuuma 50 Qt. Cooler Divider creates a barrier between the two sides of your Kuuma cooler. It easily slides into the interior cooler grooves to securely stay in place. The interior of the Kuuma Premium Cooler has three divider grooves to accommodate goods of all shapes and sizes. Compatible with Kuuma 50 Qt. Premium Coolers and made from durable, UV-resistant material.

  • Place inside your Kuuma cooler to create a barrier between two sides of the cooler
  • Easily slides into interior grooves to stay in place
  • Compatible with 50 Qt. Kuuma Premium Coolers
  • Durable, UV-resistant material
  • Gray
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