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TRAC Outdoors

TRAC Marine / RV Fluid Extractor

TRAC Marine / RV Fluid Extractor

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The TRAC Outdoor Fluid Extractor allows you to easily change oil or remove fuel, oil, coolant, and transmission fluid from your boat, car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, lawnmower, generator, etc. Use it to pump out bilge water and trapped fluids— it’s great for situations where draining is difficult. Self-priming pumping action creates a powerful vacuum in the 7-liter tank, letting you remove non-corrosive liquids or change your oil through the dipstick tube. Includes (1) pump, (1) tank, (2) caps, (1) adapter, and (2) extraction tubes; Tube Sizes: 6-feet long with an 11/32-inch outer diameter, and 6-feet long with a 3/16-inch outer diameter.  Item #69362, Weight: 3.4 pounds.
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