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TRAC Outdoors AutoDeploy Anchor Winch, Seaside 40

TRAC Outdoors AutoDeploy Anchor Winch, Seaside 40

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AutoDeploy allows touch-and-release anchor deployment. No need to hold the button while letting rope out. The winch will automatically stop when the anchor touches the bottom and gradually releases more rope until the anchor will hold position. At any time, press the DOWN button to release more rope or press AutoDeploy again. Hold the UP button to retrieve the anchor.

  • Wireless remote controller with mounting bracket for helm; Stainless steel frame and hardware
  • For anchors up to 40 lb. (18 kgs)
  • Sealed marine-grade 3-button switch on winch
  • 90-foot (27.4 m) x 6 mm (0.25-inch) nylon double braid anchor rope with 2,000 lb. (907 kgs) break strength
  • Weight - 14 pounds
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