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TRAC Outdoors

TRAC Outdoors Marine Line Hauler / Pot Puller

TRAC Outdoors Marine Line Hauler / Pot Puller

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The TRAC Marine Line Hauler is a powerful, recreational line hauler that runs on 12v power with a lift capacity of 110 pounds. Low amp usage but plenty of might to pull 1-3 prawn traps or 1 crab trap. Runs quiet and stores easily. Added corrosion protection so it’s ready for the harsh salt water environment.


Line Speed: 127-150 ft./min (39-46m/min);

Max Load: 110 lb. (50 kg);

Materials: Aluminum bracket, stainless steel rollers & screws, nylon wheel;

Battery Cable: 10-gauge, marine grade tinned wire;

Current: 3.4 (no load) to 30 Amps (maximum load)

Item# 69280

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